Quality- and Environmental Policy

This Policy has been developed by Conroute and should be a guide for all personnel, in all work carried out at the company.

Ordered transports must be ensured on time, to the right place, and with undamaged goods, for the customer’s complete satisfaction. This is carried out by our subtractors’ drivers, who have high professional experience and knowledge about the nature of the work.

A working environment that does not expose employees to accidents and illness must be assured.

The environmental impact on Conroute transports must be as limited as possible.

A balanced consideration of what is technically possible, ecologically justified, and within the framework of our resources allowance, must be a guide for our investment of continuous improvements of quality, work environment, and environmental aspects, as well as dangerous goods transports.

To ensure this, we:

  • Use modern and environmentally friendly vehicles, as well as take environmental aspects, and dangerous goods regulations, into account when purchasing transport capacity.
  • Work to minimize the amount of tonne kilometer’s and utilize our load carriers to their maximum capacity. This is done by, among other things, planning the traffic well in advance, and, to the best extent possible, by using so-called mega trailers, and other vehicle combinations.
  • Hold the business’ required permits and insurances, comply with laws and regulations, and have a qualified security advisor.
  • Make sure to be qualified and responsive representatives for our customers, and, to the highest extent possible, meet their expectations of us. Honest communication, both within the company, and in external contacts, is highly emphasized.
  • Make sure to constantly develop and improve in our daily work.
  • Make sure our Quality- and Environmental Policy is well known within our organization. It is also gladly displayed to external partners.
  • Must have an efficient and correct administration.
  • Only work with certified partners of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, since we do not have our own vehicles.